From The Slums of Nairobi

Discovered in 2013, The Art Boyz are a group of young men who have been painting together as a way of life to divert from the hardships of living in the slums of Mukuru, Nairobi.

Their art was brought to the U.S. and casually shown to interested art lovers. Two pieces sold for $3100 and $3200USD. The first exhibit was in Telluride, Colorado in 2015.Don't worry....we have pieces for less and we welcome you communicate with us about pricing.

The first exhibit was in Telluride, Colorado in 2015.

A documentary film was produced about the artists to share their hardships and the way art transforms the human spirit regardless of living conditions. Their talents have been hidden from the world, yet are now readily admired and accessible.

To own one of their pieces is to validate their struggles.






...An incredible and hearwarming stroy about how even in the harshest envionments the desire for art and beauty finds ways to prevail..." -21st UNAFF (United Nations Associations Film Festival, 2018).

Current Works